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  • History

The Sooner State Games began in 1983.The Oklahoma legislature designated the games as the official State Games in preparation of the 1989 Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City. In 1989, the All Sports Association adopted the program to aid in the debt that the Sooner State Games had acquired. The Olympic based State Games are officially endorsed by the United States Olympic Committee. The games welcome all amateur athletes, regardless of age or ability, to participate in the wide variety of sports offered. The purpose of the Sooner State Games is to help unite all communities in Oklahoma through sport, health, and wellness. 

The Goals of the Sooner State Games include: (1) To help develop Oklahoma's amateur athletic talent into potential Olympians; (2) Bring recognition to gifted Oklahoma athletes and their communities; (3) Provide an opportunity for all Oklahomans to enjoy the benefit of sports played in the spirit of the Olympic creed, which states, "the most significant thing is not winning, but taking part;" (4) Promote the Olympic ideal at the grass-roots community level.

As of 2014, the Sooner State Games is debt-free and consistently growing in numbers. There was a 25% increase in the amount of Winter State Games participants from 2013 to 2014, which is an increase of nearly 850 athletes.